Mentorship Program

One-on-One Photography Mentorship

by Dinesh Khanna.

Photography, requires an amalgam of technical expertise and artistic sensibility. Its only when a person is able to balance and apply both these, will their photographs be of the quality that will raise them above the tsunami of images we encounter today. The objective of this program is to sensitise the student to this fact and, thus, help improve their Photography and their experience of creating images.

The Mentorship program is meant for a single student and is for a 2-3 months period. During this time a weekly class of 60-90 minutes duration shall be held on a day mutually agreed upon at the beginning of the course. (This day will be flexible if either the student or mentor is traveling or unwell.

The class shall be held at the Mentor’s studio in Gurgaon, however if required, the Mentor may take the class in the student’s premises (with additional cost). The (8 classes) course charge is Rs. 80,000 (plus GST @ 18%).

The Mentorship program is a mix of classroom lectures, assignments and critique sessions. The course shall have the following 4 sections that are standard for all students in 8 classes. Another 4 classes may be tailored to the student’s individual interest area, as an additional 5th section, if desired, for Rs. 60,000 (plus GST @ 18%).

  1. Fundamentals of Photography (2 sessions)
  1. Introduction to cameras, their various parts and functions
  2. Introduction to lenses and their applications
  3. The Exposure Triangle 

2. Fundamentals of Light (2 sessions)

  1. Kinds of Light
  2. Measurement of Light
  3. Using Light creatively

3. Fundamentals of Composition (2 sessions)

  1. Rules of Composition
  2. Applying the Rules of Composition
  3. Breaking the rules?

4. Enhancing  with Post-processing (2 sessions)

  1. Ways and means of enhancing Photos
  2. Basics of Lightroom
  3. Enhancing your photos with LR

5. Developing a Personal Photographic Style (4 sessions)

  1. Exploring favorite genres of Photography
  2. Applying learnings to one’s photographic vision
  3. Assignments and Critique

After the completion of these 8 classes, single classes shall be available to the student on mutually convenient days. The charge for these shall be Rs. 15,000 per session. 

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