Pragati Wheel School

Educating and serving the marginalised section of urban poor in East Delhi.

In the age group of 0-18 years, India is home to about 442 million children.This constitutes about 39% of the country’s population and a huge responsibility for society and the nation.

Pragati Wheel School was set up in 2007 to provide education to about 250 children in the age group of 3 to 16 years. The education program was started with the intent to combat child labour by providing disadvantaged children in urban settings with an opportunity to get education. The children are from the families of agricultural farmers that grow vegetables and work in nurseries of Yamuna bed in Delhi. The school is providing free education, morning snacks, mid day meal apart from syllabus books, school uniform, school bags and stationery to these children. The main advantage of the school is its location which is in close proximity to the living quarters of the families of the agricultural farmers.