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Meenakshi Meenakshi
Nikhil Mittal Nikhil Mittal
Anaheeta Mehra Anaheeta Mehra
Pankaj Singh Pankaj Singh
Sahiba Singh Sahiba Singh
Dr. Rajan Chugh Dr. Rajan Chugh
Jagmeeta Thind Joy Jagmeeta Thind Joy
  • Meenakshi
    Yoga Teacher. "The nuances and subtleties of asanas have been a life long passion. I use them to help people find their way into the depths of a pose until the practitioner and the asana merge and become one. The body is my canvas and breath the multi-hued medium."
    Nikhil Mittal
    Instead of joining his family business he decided to study Bakery in Chandigarh and then honed his skills in Australia. In 2006 he started Niks Bakers, a European style eatery and now has 3 outlets, a central kitchen and is about to start his own Bakery training institute.
    Anaheeta Mehra
    Manager of the Mont Blanc luxury store at the Taj Hotel. Her warm and confident nature has helped her build an exclusive and loyal client group. Also passionate about education she helps her Mother run The Study, a preparatory school for young children while continuing to do courses in varied subjects herself.
    Pankaj Singh
    Started The Browser about 12 years ago. A unique bookstore with a library, which takes pride in focusing only on books rather than selling greeting cards, gifts and other such things. Has weaned away thousands of children from tv viewing to book reading.
    Sahiba Singh
    Fashin designer and stylist has her own boutique and label. Has created a niche and specialises in Sikh Men's fashionwear, from casuals to weddings and everything in between.
    Dr. Rajan Chugh
    An Eye Surgeon and Laser Specialist by profession and Car Designer by passion. Has made-over more than 16 cars by now while doing hundreds of eye operations, for which also he has innovated procedures and invented specialized instruments.
    Jagmeeta Thind Joy
    Features Writer, her beat includes lifestyle, food, dashion and special profiles. She is also a guest lecturer in Communications and a happy and busy mother of an energetic 2-year-old daughter.

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